January 9, 2012

1 The Doors...

Well I can't say with any certainty, but I'm not sure I have ever heard one of The Doors' songs or can even put their name to their music.  Luckily though I'm not writing about them but writing about our similarly 'famous' new doors.

I had the opportunity to get these from a person I work with who bought the former home of an NFL player.  Fortunately for us he was planning on replacing the doors and was eager to give them up (perhaps for all my hard work???).  

Take a look at what an improvement they are over our 1977; dark stained; hollow core doors when we moved in. 

We've always wanted to replace the doors, even in our old house and now that the opportunity came about - why not?

The installation was pretty simple and I was quite surprised.  I had dreams about all the work involved in routing new hinges in the door frames, trimming the doors on the table saw because of some out of square frames, and on and on...

Even though there were three hinges on the replacement doors I decided not to worry about the middle one.  The top and bottom hinges were enough to support the doors.  The hinges on the new doors did not match up exactly with their door frame counterpart so Abby supervised me in chiseling a slightly larger recess into the doors.

I didn't have a rounded corner chisel so you can see I need to do a little repairing before I paint.  I'll also have to patch where the center hinge was.

We re-used the hinges to save a little money even though they aren't the exact finish as our new door handles - they are close though.

We still have to replace the pantry, bathroom, linen and bedroom closet doors as there 
weren't enough free doors to do them all.  But beggars can't be choosers so we'll take what we have and buy other six panel doors later.  I'll also put a rounded chisel on the shopping list!

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