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So I'm pretty excited to start my own blog - it's not like me to update my status or post anything about myself with any social media outlet, but I look forward to doing so in regard to our new house and the 'Behind The Scenes' of how everything came to be.

With Melissa running the main 'Result' blog 
here, I'll concentrate on the details of what went into the result and all my struggles from beginning to end!

I know we're both a little late since we've already renovated quite a bit of house, but we're delighted to share what we have done, the things to do in the future, and the things we're currently doing.

I hope you all enjoy and maybe even learn a thing or two - not that we have all the answers, but more like learn from our mistakes!

Thanks to Melissa who finally became excited to have a dual blog - can we now be called bloggin' buddies?

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