January 23, 2012

0 A Quick Fix

So this weekend I got to work on something we've all been putting up with way too long:  A tight work area at the computer.  See how tight?  There's practically no room to move the keyboard - it touches the tower and the laser printer.  What to do...  How about put the printer in the pantry closet?  Like the title says its a quick fix, not a permanent one.  I know you're probably wondering why we even have a desktop - me too!

I shut down the computer and printer and moved them off the desk area.  Hey look at all the loot we found: a barrette for the girls; a puzzle piece (which one does this belong to?); a gift card worth .84 cents; a picture of Abby; and a Christmas present Abby made for her aunts and uncles - if someone wants to let us know who didn't receive one of the crayon ornaments we'd appreciate it and are sorry!

 All I needed to get the work done was my trusty drywall saw.

I started the saw through the pantry side and kept making the hole bigger in order for the plug to fit through it.

 There it is on the other side.

 Fished the Ethernet cable, power cord and USB cable through the wall and connected to the printer.

A little cleanup and re-assembly and viola!  No more dysfunction junction going on at the computer space. Actually as I type this my arms are spread widely across the open area!

 We also got an organized pantry out of the deal as well!

What are some of the quick fixes you have done?  Let us know.

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