February 18, 2012

0 Project Cost Roundup - 1/2 Bath

So for all the work, sweat, smoldering studs (you can find that here), head banging (more about that another time) and jubilation over creating our 1/2 Bath, lets see where we ended up with our project costs.  Remember we really never set a budget on any project we just try to do it on the cheap while making it look good.

Without further ado I present to you the costs from beginning to end:

... well, it looks like receipts are pretty hard to read when the stores abbreviate everything!  I'll have to jot down what the hyrogliphics really mean next time, especially if I want to do another "Project Cost Roundup".  So without further ado I present to you the estimated costs:

  • Demolition
    • Free
  • Sub-flooring & finish flooring/baseboard items
    • $150
  • Supply & Waste items
    • $75
  • Paint items
    • $20
  • Toilet
    • $100
  • Sink & faucet
    • $170
  • Hardware Accessories (Mirror, TP Holder, Towel Ring)
    • $75
  • Light Fixture
    • $30
  • Decorating Accessories & Misc.
    • $30
Estimated total: $650 

Seems a little high - didn't realize we spent that much on one small room!  Maybe we will have to set budgets for our next big projects.  But hey, nothing beats free labor!  Where could we have saved?  Perhaps we could have used the old toilet and old hardware accessories, but isn't it hard to resist buying new when you're remodeling a room?

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